Joan Brock

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Audio Visual & Rehearsal Requirements
Joan will need approximately 30 minutes on the rehearsal stage. During that time she will need to see the lighting just as it will be for the presentation. Joan will set up the stage and practice the intro with the person reading the pre-written introduction. Joan prefers a ‘hand-held wireless’ microphone and will need a non-swivel bar stool or raised chair, with a back (if possible) and no wheels. She will also need a CD player, preferably one hooked up into the sound system of the room. When applicable, a free standing DVD player will be needed for the large screen video intro. Joan will rehearse with the AV personnel during the sound check of that rehearsal.

Joan’s Bio in .doc

Joan’s Intro in PDF

Joan’s Intro in Word

Joan’s Faith Based Intro

Joan’s Video Intro

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Joan Brock