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Joan’s keynote address, More Than Meets The Eye, is a surefire attention grabber as Joan draws parallels between her own story and the challenges which face organizations. The very nature of today’s business environment means the possibilities of merger, reorganization, or economic turndown are constantly on the horizon, and organizations must absorb such events with a minimum of disruption. As Joan puts it, “Life is full of irreversible opportunities, and you have a choice to see them as assets or obstacles.” Urging audiences to “play the hand you’re dealt,” Joan helps organizations see corporate challenges from a new perspective.

“This message was more appropriate for our clients than any cadre of Wall Street economists whom we could have brought in to make a presentation”
-Johnne Syverson, President

“Joan’s performance reduced the toughest guys in the rooms to tears. Her story is touching and she delivers it with grace and humor. I recommend her for any audience. It’s a home run.”
-Ted Case, Executive Director,
Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association, December, 2009

Syverson Strege & Co. Financial, 2008

Joan’s Target Topics include :
Changes · Insurance · Women’s Issues · Financial · Faith · Organization · Humor · Education ·
Wellness & Medical · Family Issues · Communication

Joan Brock